What is Ninja Unleashed?

Ninja Unleashed is a game about becoming the ultimate ninja! Help grow your village, train hard, battle strong, rise through the ranks and become the best of the best in this world of NInja!

Ninja Unleashed Features

The world of Ninja Unleashed is made up of villages and an unknown place.

A village gains its own wealth from different actions you make. In order to keep your village strong you need a functioning economy and each villager can play his/her part if growing your wealth. A mass village payment will occur each time you hit a certain limit so be sure to be online each time that happens.

Each village is loaded with beasts that you take on to garner your skills and build your character..

Study at the Ninja Academy to gain new Jutsu skills that you equip for use in battle.

Complete crimes opened up by rank to earn cash and experience.

Start your Ninja adventures with missions that help you to started!

You can buy property that helps you build your character in the gym and hold more chakra spirit for battle.

Did you say gambling? You'll enjoy our pvp Poker, Keno, Horse Racing, Roulette plus more.

Trade, travel, invest and bank your way to financial wealth.

In order to take on the Gates you need to steal a vehicle to make your run.