What is Naruto Unleashed?
Order in the Shinobi world has fallen apart and must be restored. The ANBU black ops are being sent on missions and villages are losing control. Even mere members are taking over the position of Kage in their absence to prove they have what it takes. Do you have what is needed to make a difference, stop the chaos and restore order across the villages of this once great Shinobi world?

In Naruto Unleashed you start off as a ninja with high ambition to grow and forge your way through the ranks. Build your character, join a clan, contribute to your village to make as much growth as possible. The choice is yours on what ninja you will become.

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Naruto Unleashed Features
The world of Naruto Unleashed is made up of villages and an unknown place.
A village generates its own wealth by the strength and contribution from its villagers.
Each village is loaded with beasts that you take on to garner your skills and build your character..
Study at the Ninja Academy to gain new Jutsu skills that you equip for use in battle.
Complete multiple tasks to earn cash and experience to build your character and help your village.
Each village can only grow by participation and contribution to reap rewards.
You can buy property that helps you build your character in the gym and hold more chakra spirit for battle.
The gambling nin will enjoy our pvp Poker, Keno, Horse Racing, Roulette plus much more.
Build your characters wealth by combining trade, travel, investment, banking, missions and daily tasks.
Each village can buy protection and/or declare war to gain domination.
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